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What do we do?
The Honorary Consulate-General of Turkey (HCG Turkey) is responsible for promoting relations between The Netherlands and Turkey. The activities of the HCG Turkey focus on business, arts, culture and student exchange.

The HCG Turkey offers advice and mediation for:

Doing business with Turkey
The HCG Turkey forms a link between Dutch and Turkish entrepreneurs through advice and mediation. The HCG Turkey also organizes trade promotion activities. Click here for more information on doing business with Turkey.

Art & Culture
The HCG Turkey sets up activities to strengthen the relationship between The Netherlands and Turkey in cultural and artistic areas. The HCG Turkey also provides the location for cultural activities and exhibitions by (Turkish) artists or artists who have links with Turkey. Click here for more information on art and culture.

The HCG Turkey has a student program to strengthen the exchange of knowledge between Dutch and Turkish students. Click here for more information about internships and studying in Turkey.

General Advice
The HCG Turkey has regular meetings with the Turkish Embassy and two regular Turkish Consulates in The Netherlands. The Honorary Consulate-General is happy to provide advice or mediation with questions or problems regarding Turkey. For matters such as birth certificates, Turkish conscription and Turkish (work) visas, please contact the two regular Turkish Consulates. For any other general inquiries please send an email to: